Monday, September 12, 2016

Killer Of Pillows

Happy Monday!
Larry and I had a great weekend.
I hope that you did too.

Last Thursday, Libby had a seizure.
Larry and I have been very worried
about her and try to be with her as much as we can.
She is a 15 year old girl now
and things are going to happen.
But she is doing fine this morning.

On Friday I stayed close to the house.
Just to keep an eye on Libby Pug Dog.

On Saturday
 Matilda had her first soccer game.
Being a grandparent is getting more interesting 
as Matilda gets older
I could watch her for hours.

Matilda was awesome and the game was a tie.

We hurried back home to Libby and I made dinner.
I made an Alfredo Casserole.
It was so good!

 It had chicken, broccoli, potatoes, Alfredo sauce
Yum, yum.
I miss Chef Valentine sometimes.

Have you ever heard of
The Mother of Dragons?
{from the Game Of Thrones}
I am married to 
The Killer Of Pillows.
My Larry and I have been married 39 years
and this man can kill any pillow within 6 months.
These pillows are from Bed Bath and Beyond
they were not not cheap.
can you tell what side of the bed is Larry's?
I refuse to buy more pillows till his is deader
than it is today.

Personal notes:
Bobbie, Thank you for the wonderful note.
I loved hearing all of your news,
promise to write soon.
I am in wedding prep mode.
{for Jami's wedding}
I just finished the flower girl dress,
now, am designing my own dress.
I loved hearing from you and send 
love to you and Bill.

Roberta, welcome home!
Larry and I will come by soon.
You have been in our thoughts and prayers.

Rosemary, I know that you 
had a great week last week.
BUT, Lucy and Reba missed you
now you are cuddling and happy.
Thinking about you and DNTG today 
as you settle in at home....

It is sunny and beautiful outside here today.
Thank you for taking a moment to 
read my words.
Have a great day.
Smile often...
Love you,