Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Birthday To You!

It is raining today.
It is pouring and dripping onto the spent golden leaves 
left on the ground.
Larry is working....Saturday mornings are always his to work.
{just ending the week}
Yesterday I was stuck in the past.
Oh the wonderful Christmases of the past.
My parents had such a wonderful way of making 
Christmas fun for us. Stockings, sour cream cookies 
visits from beloved family members.
Voices loud, laughing, opening gifts, just being together.
Christmases now, 
are as loved in my heart.
Lauren & Jami always give me the sense of well being and happiness.
The men in their lives have become a wonderful part of our family,
where they ARE part of the family...Larry and I are enjoying these times very much.
Last week, after Matilda gave Larry his birthday gift,
I asked her: Do you know who has the next birthday?
She looked at me, with a question in her eyes,
I said: Its Baby Jesus' birthday next.
{she has been playing with our nativity and knows who Baby Jesus is}
She smiled and said:
Happy Birthday To YOU!

This birthday season has been perfect.
We definitely have Christmas excitement growing here at the cottage. 
If you are near the cottage anytime over the holidays,
please stop by and have a glass of wine with us?
Life is precious....enjoy your moments.
Love you,
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