Monday, December 23, 2013

Looking Forward To It Already

Here we are!
It is the Monday before Christmas and all I have to do is laundry.
All gifts are finished and wrapped.
Cards were sent from France and US boxes were sent early.
Is that why I am enjoying this holiday so very much?
{I paced myself and did things early!}
I am going to do it like that next year too.

Rosemary! Look! Matilda stole the finger puppet from your gift!
{don't worry, I saved Rudolf and you will see him later!}

They say that Christmas is for children.
I agree, partly.
It is also for the adults who adore the children in their lives.
Larry and I could watch Matilda for hours...
and not just at Christmas.

Yesterday was our annual Holiday Tea.
The 7 of us at the Dallas Arboretum, the meal, reindeer and Santa.
Larry smiled all afternoon. Oh How I love him.
His family 
at Christmas.
We had the absolute best time being together.

Josh was playing with Larry's new phone,
But Matilda looks guilty about something.

Matilda sat very still, waiting for Thomas the Dragon to wake up and visit.

We were patient as we waited to go to tea.
Matilda and I drew pictures  and visited...but she was excited to see
Santa and Reindeer.

Jamison and Matilda are very special friends....

Tea was over so fast.
How does that happen?
The anticipation is so long and the event is short.
We all made a date to meet next year...same place.
I am looking forward to it already.

We have 48 hours till it is Christmas Morning.
Please stay calm and happy till then.
You are in my heart.
Love you,

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