Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I really need your help.
On June 14th I am walking in the Komen North Texas event.
This is the first time since my treatments that I have felt like participating!
My friends, Zach, Andy, Bobbie and Angela have added their support
I am $50.00 shy of the total that was promised.
Here is my plan.
I painted this canvas to auction for the event.
Since I am $50.00 shy, the bidding will start at $50.00.
You are free to bid at anytime.
Email bids to: robin@robintolbert.com
Bidding ends on midnight  June 1st.
I will be posting the highest total as bids come in.
I will pay postage, to winning bidder.
Please find painting information below.
title: I Hold Your Heart In Mine
oil on canvas
by Robin Tolbert
2 1/2" deep
 High Bid: $150.00
"I Hold Your Heart In Mine"

2 1/2" deep gallery canvas.
{unable to be framed}
A single heart is hidden in painting.
I will get better shots of the painting, as time gets closer to the Komen Walk.
But for now, please help me?
100% of all proceeds will be donated Komen Walk For The Cure.
{ even if it goes way over the $50.00 I need}
I understand if you are unable to bid on
"I Hold Your Heart In Mine"
but I appreciate your support while I battled breast cancer.
I love and consider each of you a blessing in my life.
Love you.

Two Ways To Live



"There are two ways to live:
You can live as if nothing is a miracle:
you can live as if everything is a miracle."
~Albert Einstein~
To know the miracles that are in my life
is a blessing indeed.
Love you.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Cup Runneth Over

Easter Sunday was perfection.
Libby woke, feeling much better.
The morning was stunning.
It was the kind of morning that takes your breath away.
We went to brunch.
We went to the greenhouse.
We came home and watched a movie.
The movie was Hope Floats.
My cup runneth over.
After the movie, We took the red rose from my little Easter Bouquet.

And took it to Mother.
Mothers headstone is worn.
That's really to bad.
I was thinking about Mother today...
and how much she loved holidays.
Any holiday.
It was an excuse to gather the people she loved around her.
Larry, the Girls and I had been blessed to live 2 miles away
from her for 11 years.
Oh the fun we had.
The love and respect shared.
This holiday I find myself remembering so many nice things.
Nice, happy memories.
My Cup Runneth over.
Love you.

Thank You For This Life

Larry and I celebrated Easter with our family yesterday.
The day was special beyond words.
Matilda started {on Friday} with the Easter Bunny.
I asked, does the Bunny talk?
Matilda did not know.
On Saturday morning, anticipation was growing.
I baked, a lot.
Before Lunch, we had an Easter Egg Hunt.
We have a video for a later date.
We ate a lot.
{ I spilled a glass of Champagne!  What a waste.}
Then we all went out back and looked at bugs,
threw paratrooper bunnies in the air.
It was a perfect day.
One of my favorite moments of the day,
was when Jami gave the blessing before we ate.
On this wonderful Easter Sunday,
I would like to share it with you.
From my family to yours.....
Dear God,
This time of year, Easter, allows us to feel rebirth and renewal in our lives,
through the sacrifice Jesus made.
We are able to recognize  our flaws as humans and shed the weight of our sins.
As I sit here amongst loved ones,
We give thanks for all the blessings God has bestowed upon us.
Let not one day go by where we fail to give thanks.
Thank you God,
for every moment, good and bad.
Thank you for allowing us to be the people we are.
Please forgive us our sins.
Please allow us the appreciation in our hearts to recognize our purposes here
live every moment to respect you, to love you.
Thank you for this life.
Love you,