Tuesday, April 15, 2014


In France, we have favorite cafes.
They are typically close to our apartment, within walking distance.
We have a favorite café here in the states...but we must drive.
Marcus is the place where we reconnect after a long day/week/afternoon.
We are hugged by the owners when we arrive,
then slide into our favorite booth and order wine.

Tonight, because I ordered tea,
Larry had a beer.
We talked about the moments of today.
I soaked up his words, listening, wishing that I could help more than I do.
I love him and love that he is happy.

How blessed am I?
Please know that I do not take  anything for granted.
Everything is important to me,
including the café where Larry and I reconnect.
Taking time to talk, steal a kiss, just be together without interruption.
We are home.
I am blogging from my bed as Larry reads.
Wait, he is sleeping!
It is late...I am tired too.
{time for me to cuddle and read}
Thank you Marcus Café.
Larry and I love you and our time there.
Love you,
PS: Sandy, I sent you the recipe. See you Sunday. Love you!

He Only Laughed

Someone in my house has a major sweet tooth.
This is his favorite time of year because candy is everywhere.
I am excited
getting things ready
The Easter Luncheon on Saturday.
The house and garden will be full of happy faces
weather permitting, the Easter egg hunt will be in the garden.
I am cooking all of the food, as the menu is ready.
I asked Larry:
 If I rent a bunny costume, would you wear it for the Egg Hunt.
He only laughed.
Does that mean yes or no?
Happy Tuesday!
Love you,

Monday, April 14, 2014

A New Bag

Happy, happy Monday!
Yesterday was so dreary and sad,
 I really looked forward to today.
I think that my pills must have conked out at 3-ish yesterday,
the gloom of North Texas swallowed me up!
Larry was not much different.
Work is eating him alive and he loves it.
Big things are happening...lol.
I just do not want to know about it.
Don't tell me Larry!
I had my nails done a couple weeks ago.
{at a new place}
They were the worst, worst EVER.
I tried to soak them off last night in acetone.
Left hand is kind-of-ok. Right hand not at all.
Looks like I will be making
an appointment at a different place today to clean up this mess.
Yesterday all I wanted for dinner was comfort food.
So I made a batch of mini meat balls,
 mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.
Home made gravy was perfect....it was exactly what I needed.
Rear Window was our Sunday movie...
My new Vera Bradley bag arrived on Saturday.
It will be my camera bag...and the big camera fits!
How wonderful, now to take the big camera...and not have the camera
as one of my accessories.
Sorry ladies, but I think that is cheesy when that huge camera
 is hanging out there..and we are not professional photogs.
I guess some people want to look like Ansel Adams.
{have you seen his interesting mug?}
Libby and I have been waiting to hear news....
Colorado Bank is interested in using part of a Libby Video
in their commercial.
I did not hear from the lady all last week, but the week before she was my best friend. {emails every day}
I will keep you posted on any exciting news, if it should come about.
 Holy Week is one of my favorite time of the year.
The renewal of soul and spirit is uplifting and filled with love.
 Can you feel it?
The quiet celebration of life and faith?
Happy Monday.
Love you.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Play-Day at The Cottage

Yesterday was play day at The Cottage.
Here is evidence that dirt is Matilda's favorite thing right now.
I found this this morning while out with Libby.
It made me smile.
Happy weekend.
Love you.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Oh! A Wine Dinner

Last night Larry took me on a date.
He had seen the dinner advertised while at lunch this week
asked me to join him.
Date Night!
We had so much fun,
met amazing people and enjoyed a dinner that was creative
I took a few photos.
At a wine dinner. 
Perhaps not the best shots that you will see from me.
Larry called this bar-keep a Muppet.
I thought that she looked cute with that big old Barrett in her hair.

and may I say, quite a wonderful meal?

We started with Sparkling.
It was very bubbly. 

Course One

Course two

Course three

A few of the fine diners who enjoyed dinner with us.

These three looked so confused all evening.
I think that they might have been in the wrong place...

My view.

This is Jim!
We had a lovely evening with him and...



The remains of Wine Dinner 32.

General Manager sharing his knowledge of wine.
(it matches his knowledge of fashion)

Joan and Jim
A wonderful couple to share a wine dinner with.

The Check.

I could not resist adding this shot...
Titled: Larry, After Wine
Oh what fun a wine dinner is!

It is Friday! 
Have the best weekend.
Love you,