Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In The Texas Heat

I am growing sunflowers and harvesting the seeds for Matilda to plant next summer.
The Texas heat has returned.
I tried to get all  of my chores done in the morning.
When the temps are 101, afternoons beg to be lazy.
I close up all of the blinds, get a huge glass of water, curl up and read.
That's what summer is for isn't it?
I must confess, I did not get much done yesterday.
So much for well laid plans.
Larry and I did go out to dinner.
We went to a small Italian Restaurant that has new owners.
I had eaten there with the old owners and I refused to go back.(it was THAT bad)
I have been there twice with the new owners now and my meals were perfection! 
We were alone, talking about our day and gossiping about things.
I love date nights with My Larry.
Coming together after a (semi)busy day for me, is always nice.
I do hope that your  today is busy,
 tonight as it is ending,
you come together with someone you care about and share your moments.
It makes the day worth while.
Love you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 I am so happy that Monday is over.
For some reason yesterday lasted forever.
Larry left for work super early this morning.
He woke me with a kiss as he was leaving the house.
It is my favorite way to wake up.
My laptop is slowly disintegrating.
Now the touchpad is dead.
I have brought out my trusty roller ball mouse!
This mouse is my favorite and now I get to use it for awhile!
{till the rest of the laptop falls apart}
There are three pairs of Tom's for me to paint.
Blue seems to be the favorite color for my clients,
but the flowers always change.
Today I will paint a flower I have never painted before...
this will be interesting. HA!
As I looked out the kitchen window this morning,
I remembered something I did last week.
It was at Larry's company  baseball event,
where I had the opportunity to meet a new salesman and his children.
I met the gentleman first and he pointed out his children
as they flew around the picnic area.
There were 4 of them, ranging in the age from about 18-5 years old.
He talked about his daughters and the small one, I am not sure if he was grandson or son.
When one of the kiddos came over to be with dad,
a sweet child, about 12.
I asked if she was the middle child.
{I have sympathy for middle children}
It is then when the child looked at me and said, I am a boy.
Oh My.
I was so embarrassed.
The long hair and high voice fooled me completely.
I think back on that moment and just could die.
 I am still embarrassed.
Have you ever done anything like that?
Please say that I am not alone.
Oh I could just die.
Today I will turn on a playlist and blast the music.
Not to worry.
Poor deaf Libby will not notice a thing.
Love you.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Moments From Matilda's Birthday Party

Matilda insisted on a Ninja birthday party.
Before the party, I gave her my gift,
a dollhouse.
Here, she and Larry and putting the furniture in it.
Mitzu, kept an eye on everyone and everything.
Here is the annual birthday stabbing of the piñata.

Cake time!
Isabella decided to get two boxes of piñata candy.

The girls are counting their piñata candy!

Adult game: STAR throwing. Isabella's Father won this game. (he won a mug!)

 The little boys (Colston & Madox) were quiet, but played hard at the party.
They would not pose for me at all. (except at the end of the party)
This is a pic of them leaving the party.
Best friends burning off all the sugar they had eaten at the party.
This is one of my favorite pics.
The guests and birthday girl posing on the front porch.
It was a perfect party!
Love you.

Friday, July 18, 2014

To Be Three Years Old

Miss Matilda will become 3 years old tomorrow.
She decided on a Ninja birthday party for family and friends.
Costumes are mandatory
 Please check back next week for pics of the fun.
Card By Josh Miller
I love birthdays.
It is your own special holiday
Matilda's party is going to be fantastic,
Matida, don't grow up to fast.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love you,

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Can I Say?

Why do huge, bulky books attract me so?
I buy coffee table books and keep them in a pile by the fireplace..
Once a month I change the book on the coffee table.
It seems as if I am always waiting on someone or something.
And the coffee table book keeps me company while I wait.
This months book is, works by the artist, Andrew Wyeth.
I believe the book was sold during a gallery showing in 1968.
 I wait for Libby while she is out back,
I wait for guests to arrive,
I wait for muffins to come out of the oven,
and hang over a book.
It is amazing what the quiet moments over a book like this can do for your spirit.
I love, huge bulky books.
What can I say?
Love you,

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Above All, Happiness

Yesterday was very great.
Very Great!
It might be perhaps that I am floating on the good news from Monday...
but whatever the reason is, it was wonderful.
I had the pleasure of hand delivering a pair of painted Tom's shoes.
Many times I do not get to deliver them in person.
It is quite frightening! What if she did not like them?
But, not to worry. All went well
and Amanda loved them.
I loved working on her shoes.
She is such an amazing woman and quite talented in her own right.
I am so pleased that she loved them.

Here are the Tom's peeking out of their delivery bag.
After such a fun morning, {having a manicure and pedicure. then delivering Tom's}
Larry and I had been invited to a ribbon cutting that evening.
Friends of ours own a restaurant in Watauga, Texas.
And last night was the Grand Opening of their brand new patio!

Paula & Franson were as gracious as always.
{their lovely children are standing behind them}

Ribbon Cutting!

Ribbon cutting!
The entire family got in on the amazing event.
Larry and I were happy to be included in the fun,
community and family moment of opening the patio.
Meet Paula's puppy, Kingsley.
A standard poodle who is only a few months old.
The new patio is dog friendly and Kingsley fit in perfectly.
He is adorable.
After the festivities,
as always, I was looking around for interesting happenings.
The young man below was enjoying a bowl of spaghetti.

The photos speak for themselves,
but the way he enjoyed the spaghetti, made me smile.
My moments yesterday were splendid.
Relaxation, ART, friendship, successful business..
and above all, happiness.
Can you hear me sigh?
Love you.