Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Better Than Being In Bed

I have a virus.
It has taken away my energy 
has made me grumpy.
REALLY grumpy.
I am trying to focus and be sweet.

I want to be in bed.
Instead, I am at my work table,
making our holiday cards.
This year, the cards are my design.
{Larry and I take turns each year}
I like to get them done before we go to the beach.
It looks like these will be done in time!

The house is quiet, except for....
Francis Cabrel.
M. Cabrel is a favorite of mine.
This is his new CD.
It came yesterday.
I am making the greeting cards and listening to this amazing CD.
That's better than being in bed, isn't it?

You know how much I love recipes.
Look at this one.
I never heard for it before.
I am not sure if I am going to make it,
but the idea of it makes me smile.
Perhaps that is the "feeling better" part of its power?

Back to Francis and the cards.
Love you beyond the Cayenne powder.

Monday, June 29, 2015


I remember my mother using the term
"I feel like death warmed over"

That is exactly how I feel today.
What is up with me getting sick in the summer?
I never get the flu in summer.

Monday chores are NOT getting done.
The Laundry sits in sorted piles by the hamper.
The house is cluttered with weekend goodies
the big bed is NOT made.
I always make the bed in the morning.

On the happier side of this morning.
Libby ate all of her dinner today.
I did walk.
I shouldn't have.
Four murderous miles.
That is why I feel like death warmed over.

Leave me alone.
I think that I am contagious.
I am grumpy, but I love you.
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