Author: Robin
•Thursday, November 13, 2014

It is time for me to start working on Christmas.
Completing and shipping orders, 
finding gifts, planning parties and enjoying my family.

Taking a break from blogging is a test for me.
I always see something, 
hear something 
imagine something 
to share with you.
So, until I am finished working,
I am on blog restriction.

Take care of you.
Love you,
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Author: Robin
•Wednesday, November 12, 2014
This Saturday, is TOUCH A TRUCK!
Larry and I will be going.
The town where Matilda lives, has no real playground
they are raising money to build one.
While they do that, We all get to do fun creative things!
If you have kiddo's around or grand-kiddo's around,
come join us on Saturday!
Larry and I plan to bundle up and have lunch there.
See you at TOUCH A TRUCK!
Happy Wednesday!
Love you.
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Author: Robin
•Tuesday, November 11, 2014
I am having one of those mornings. 
Tea, reading  my book, a pug-dog snoring
the cool Autumn wind rushing at the door.
I think, that if we were not meeting friends for dinner tonight,
I just might stay in my nightie all day long.
Love you.
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Author: Robin
•Monday, November 10, 2014

 Larry and I had the best weekend.
It started on Friday with a delivery.
The sweetest bag with a note.
Anne Gifford left me...
I adore them!
The card/note is personal and touching.
We have known Anne (and John)for many years. 
I believe she was in church the day Dr Watkins baptized Jamison.
It always seems, when something is happening in my life, 
there she is with one of her amazing hugs and a smile.
Thank you Anne.
You are a treasure to all of us who know you!
 On Saturday, I entered my mothers chili 
in the Marcus Cafe Annual Chili Cook Off.
21 different recipes...and Larry tried them all!
It was benefiting the Semper Fi Fund and Wounded Worriers.
I love that Marcus does this every year before Veterans Day.
Sunday was special for our family.
We honored Joshua.
Two years ago, we thought that we had lost him,
his heart and soul proved otherwise.
He is here to be husband and father
and the journey has been amazing.
I am honored to have been witness to his recovery.
When I watch him with Matilda, it makes my heart happy.
To Josh!
May your life always be joyous
and may your heart behave.
Be strong today.
You know who you are.
Yep, I am talking to you.
Prayers are being whispered 
love being sent to you on angels wings.
Love you, me.
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Author: Robin
•Thursday, November 06, 2014
It is only Thursday and I have learned so much about myself this week.
Starting with the photo above.
I am working on Matilda's Christmas gift.
It started out being a huge surprise,
I ended up showing the fabric to Lauren.
Telling Jami about it
and posting this picture.
You are now sworn to silence.
I am making Matilda a quilt.
My conclusion is: I think that because I do not like surprises,
I tend not to keep any.

Last week, I did something brave.
{for me at least}
I stood up for myself.
I said: please stop that.It makes me uncomfortable.
I was angry when I said it and regretted it at first,
but now, I feel good.
It feels alot better than that feeling of someone walking all over you.

I have discovered that I am happyish again.
Yes, its true.
I have been scared and unhappy.
Faking happiness is such a waste of energy.
My secret is, find that happy spot and don't let anyone talk you out of it.

Can you believe I am in Christmas Mode?
No decorations or anything like that.
Just good old fashioned home-made gifts.
You know....home-made.....that's my happy spot.

What is your happy spot?
That place that allows you to 
feel, think, solve and smile all at one time?
It might take a moment to find it, but when you do it is great!

Now, back to Miss Matilda's Christmas Quilt.
You know me and that problem with surprises?
Well, look for a pic of the completed quilt soon!
{no secrets here. haha}
Love you to the fabric store and back!
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Author: Robin
•Wednesday, November 05, 2014
I am over at Jami & Jared's with the puppies for awhile. J&J are both are at work...I guess that I am on puppy training duty.
Look at sweet Cooper. Sleeping by my foot...
It is a good day!
Love you.
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