Author: Robin
•Thursday, October 23, 2014

Today I am sewing.
A flannel nightie for Matilda.
I will write about that later...
... for now could you please do me a favor?
My cousin, 16 year old Mason is in the hospital. Again.
Dealing with Chrones Disease for many years,
Now  he is dealing with never ending sinus infections due to MRSA.
If you would remember him today, whisper a prayer, send healing thoughts,
whatever you feel...Your thoughts would be appreciated so very much.
Here's to Mason!
One of the greatest kids ever.
Rest and heal well.
Love you.
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Author: Robin
•Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I was sitting, eating my dinner when he sat at our table.
The patio was cool and I had on a dress and a hoodie.
Dinner was perfect and I was drinking sangria. YUM.

He said: I can hardly look at you wearing that hoodie.
I looked down.
It was my Philadelphia Eagles hoodie.
{I was born in Philly and bought the hoodie one cold day last year}
I said: I had forgotten that I had it on.
He said:You know, I will never go to a game in Philadelphia.
I said: OH?
He said: They are the rudest fans in the world.
I said: You know that I am a Cowboys fan, right?

I guess not. Because....
He went on and on about how rude Philadelphia is.
I sat quietly 
my mind was screaming!
Like when a person says they cannot look at you
 because of an Eagles hoodie you have on?

I have been thinking about this.
It is always so easy to make fun of and criticize others,
but until you have lived their life
you have no idea what battles they might be fighting in their hearts.

Two weeks ago,
Komen asked me to be part of the human pink ribbon
{half time show}
at the Cowboys home game on Sunday.
There were 60 survivors and a guest 
going to make up the pink ribbon.
I was so honored to have been asked...but Larry and I had another commitment. 

Two of my favorite things.
Mammograms for early breast cancer detection
The Cowboys!

Being a good sport means 
allowing others to like their favorite teams without harassment. 

Ok, enough about sports.
Ask me what my favorite brand of oil paints are.

Love you to Cowboys Stadium and back.
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Author: Robin
•Tuesday, October 21, 2014
As I thought about the blog this morning,one thing would not leave my mind.
Please let me ramble and reminisce?
Highly personal memories.....

On Valentines Day of 1977 Larry Tolbert proposed to me.
We talked about rings.
We talked about dates.
Weddings, elopements.
We even talked about getting married at the Chesterfield, VA Courthouse.
Norman insisted on one thing.
That we get married in church.
Providence Road United Methodist Church was our family church.

After location was settled, I asked Mother to make my dress.
She and I did not go look at wedding dresses in stores.
In fact, she did not go to the fabric store and look at patterns with me.
I went alone, hoping that I was planning this thing correctly.
This is what I chose.
Remember, it was 1977.
It was a very expensive pattern for back then.
I paid for it myself.
It came with a silk, Oscar De La Renta label 
to be placed in the finished garment.
Mother approved and we went together to buy the fabric.
It totaled $50-some dollars.

Because the wedding was so small,
Larry and I opted for the small chapel on the back of the property of the church.
It was charming.
I loved it.
I just wanted to be married to Larry.

This is everyone that came to the wedding.
Except for my brother in law, Dave Arthur. He took the photograph.
August 20th, 1977 12:00 noon.
(mother told me that it was good luck to get married 
with the hands of the clock pointing upward)

As I remember Oscar De La Renta today,

I wonder if he ever thought 
about the brides whom he touched with his ART?
Memories are such interesting things.
Memories can touch your day and make you smile all of the while.

M. De La Renta, may the angels guide you to your resting place.
Thank you for being part of one of the most important moments of my life.

Love you.
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Author: Robin
•Monday, October 20, 2014
Have you been to Savannah?
This past weekend, I met my book group there.
I had never been before.
It is charming.

The view out of our room was perfect.

One of my favorite things was, lunch at THE PIRATE HOUSE.
This is where Robert Louis Stevenson 
wrote the first chapters of Treasure Island.

Sunday Morning, Larry and I checked out of the hotel early
drove to Tybee Island.
It was a beautiful morning.
I walked in the sand and touched the Atlantic Ocean.

Being Sunday,
the lighthouse was still.
It was perfection.
Larry held my hand and we smiled.
The morning went so fast.
We left for the airport.
Our plane was to leave at 12:05pm.

As we sat and waited,
Larry asked if I had left anything behind.
I said yes.
He frowned at me....
I said: I did not get to have dinner at the Pink House
I did not go on the ghost tour.
He grinned and said: we will just have to go back, won't we?
I nodded, went to the Flip Flop shop and bought a new pair of OluKai's.
Guess who is ready for the next trip?

Have a blessed week.
It is always good to be home.
Love you.

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Author: Robin
•Sunday, October 19, 2014
Larry and I have spent the weekend in Savannah, GA  and Tybee Island. 
Now, we are headed home.
I am not quite ready to share Larry with his work yet.
BUT I will bring Libby home this afternoon.
Tomorrow is Monday.
Love you.
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Author: Robin
•Wednesday, October 15, 2014
  2. or
  4. Celtic New Year or Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year. 
This is a favorite song of mine.
I am not sure if it is because Van sings
because it makes me think warm thoughts of everyone who is gone from my life.
Celtic New Year is November 1 or the beginning of November.
Enjoy the song.
Love you.

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