Blogging Since 2005

Blogging Since 2005

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Larry took me far away.
Boca Raton Fla, is very interesting
with amazingly kind people.
I took pictures and spent time with good friends.
I missed the blog
cannot wait to post about a few adventures.
Are you ready for Halloween?
I have a feeling that we will be celebrating all weekend!

I have to unpack....
love you.

Friday, October 21, 2016

To My Libby Girl

The weather has changed in Texas.
Afternoon shadows in the garden are long. 
plump pecans have started dropping
off of the old tree in the drive.

October also means 
that Libby gets her annual check up.

Her appointment was yesterday, at 5:00 pm.
Larry was finished with his work,
so we hopped in the car
pee & poop samples
Libby Pug Dog.

On the way to Libby's appointment,
Larry was stopped by a Policeman.
This was my view, as nervous Larry found out
that his drivers break-light was out.
{I should have gone in for a cone}
 I love Plano Police.

 Yesterday, Libby had THE 15 year check up.
Every October, for 15 years, Libby has gone to the Doc
for shots and an over all check up.
This is a milestone.
 Libby and Dr Shurtz are buddies.

Libby has gone to her for over eleven years.
Libby had cancer and other pug ailments,
Dr Shurtz has been 
wonderful, professional and kind.
Libby is lucky to have such a great Doctor.

The Legacy Clinic cat is so cute.

He was sweet and loved checking out the camera.

Libby and I have always had a special bond.
When she was younger, she loved to pose.
I do not ask her to pose anymore.....
I already have many photos.

This was her puppy picture.
We adopted her in the Autumn of 2001.

This is one of the best photos ever.
Garfield, the neighborhood cat was a mean old cat...
Libby is on the right, here, with her friend Ajax,
watching that mean, old bully stroll across the patio.
{Ajax was like a family member to us. I still love her}

Libby has been next to me during 
the worst times in my life.
She is My Girl
I can never thank her enough for 
the companionship we have shared.

A toast.
To my Libby, my girl.
Here is to another 15 years together.
Love you beyond the moon.

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