Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mother of the bride

This is happening.
Jamison is getting married in a month.
Almost everything is arranged,
there are just a few loose ends to tie up.

I read somewhere that it is the 
mother of the bride's job
to stay calm.
Is that possible?
Weddings are stressful to plan.
Who's feelings are you going to hurt
how will you solve problems A & B?

My Larry, the crazy father of the bride, 
has loved this process.
He jumped in and made wonderful suggestions.
He is awesome.

It is said that.....
All brides to be should watch the old movie
Father Of The Bride
Spencer Tracy.
After they watch that,
 they might understand 
what their parents are going through.

I have odd, sentimental feelings
that I cannot share with anyone.
They are sweet and reminiscent.
When Lauren got married,
the same mood hit me.

I will figure this out....

Love you beyond the wedding cake.


Judy Dils said...

It will be a beautiful wedding