Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just Before Sunset

I am struggling.
Jet lag has kicked my b*** this week.
I am grouchy and hungry all the time.

Larry has been back to work 4 days now.
He LOVES his new position at the company
to be honest, 
he is a better version of himself.
{and he avoided jet lag, how did he do that?}

On Kauai, 
one evening, 
we had a beach picnic with friends Lori & Bill.
It was just before sunset
Lori said: Do you see all of the green birds?
We could not miss them, they were announcing
the sunset by the hundreds.
Lori said:
The story is, years ago a woman 
had two green parakeets
that escaped from her  house.
From those two,  
they became hundreds.
They are funny, loud and pretty.
Green splatters the sky at sunset
and they talk to each other about the day.

Each evening, we would sit on the lanai,
watching them swoop through the clouds,
welcoming the night.

I miss the sea
I miss the singing parrots at sunset.
Being home is a joy.

I wish you a joyful day.
Love you.