Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Not Even Poets

Happy Super Tuesday.
Because of Larry's schedule, we early voted last week.

Larry left at dawn this morning, again.
He has been working very hard and loving it.

Last week, he was in Scottsdale, AZ.
I missed him a lot
When he is gone I work in the studio.
Paintings and projects are my focus
 sometimes it gets to quiet.
Then, on Netflix, I will find a movie and 
have it run on my laptop while I work.
Rule: the movie has to be new to me.
Last week I found the BEST movie.
I loved it so much the first time,
 that Larry and I watched it together on Saturday night.
It is a modern suspense with two of my favorite actors.
{Geoffrey Rush & Donald Sutherland}
If you are in need of a good movie one evening,
check it out.
Loved it.
I am ready to watch it again!
At church on Sunday,
A friend, Anne came and gave us hugs then handed me
this sweet...Love Is....clipping.
Ahhhh, she knows us so well.
It makes me smile because it is so true!

Love is...
Nobody has ever measured,
not even poets,
how much the heart can hold.
~zelda fitzgerald~

Love you.