Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Picnic Love

My Larry and I have been picnickers since the early '70's.
We would take sandwiches, potato salad 
 sit on the banks of the Mississippi River.
Larry's Mother worked at the Memphis Zoo
sometimes we would take picnics there.
In France we picnic.
A lot.
Why eat inside when you can be at the park enjoying the day?
One of our favorite picnics is the Walking Bridge Picnic.
Champagne, sandwiches, crisps and macaroons.
We bring our favorite Champagne flutes from home.
We have a favorite bakery for Macaroons.
It is about a 5 min walk from our apartment.
The owner gets a box and asks you what flavors that you would like.
As you tell her and she finds broken cookies,
she just hands them over, for you to eat broken macaroons.
It is like I died and went to macaroon heaven!
I leave that bakery FULL of Macaroons after each visit.
Today, I am planning two picnics.
{for this week!}
My heart is beating with joy.
Whether a picnic is in Philadelphia, Paris or Plano Texas,
it is a joy, if it is planned with love.

Love you.