Monday, December 14, 2015

Reata, Bass Hall and The Nutcracker

Everyone around me has a cold.
I was cocky about it, because I felt wonderful!
Until this morning.
Now, I have the cold.
Serves me right doesn't it?
Bragging like that.

I felt wonderful yesterday.
We went to Ft Worth and after lunch at REATA
we went to the Bass Hall
for The Nutcracker.
We were with Matilda for her first 
performance of the ballet.
Since I feel like merde, right now,
do you mind if I just post a few pictures from yesterday?
Ok, go on, smile.

We were ready for lunch.

Matilda took this photo.

Lars and Josh looked great.

I LOVE Reata.

Matilda was so excited for the Nutcracker, 
she could hardly contain herself.

Matilda is MY girl. 

After Lunch we walked to the Bass Hall.

I love Matilda. She always makes me smile.

When the Bass is dressed and ready for a show,
it is amazing.

Larry is still sick.
He is getting ready to go to the office.
Maybe, if he leaves soon, I can go back to bed.

Love you.