Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ghosts and X-Rays

My beloved point and shoot camera died.
It traveled many places with me.
We had many adventures and special moments together.

Last summer, on a boat along the Na Pali Coast,
poor camera had a bad experience and has never recovered.

My Larry said: lets go camera shopping for you.
I said: no thank you, but I would love to borrow YOUR camera.
My Larry said: sure.
What a man.

Yesterday was vanilla.
I did errands, worked on Matilda's Christmas stocking,
wrote a few thank you notes,
mourned my sweet camera,
read a  chapters of Ross Poldark

Ghosting is,
 when someone has hurt {insulted or disrespected} you,
instead of a fight or confrontation, 
you go away.
Just go away.
 If someone cares so little about my feelings,
why on earth would I waste one moment longer on them?
So, I ghost.

Breast cancer has taught me so much about friendship and time.
It is nothing profound or life shattering
just common sense.

Have you or someone you love, had their mammogram this year?
Early detection can save your/their life.
It saved mine.
It also taught me so many lessons
I am blessed beyond belief.

Love you.