Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Catch A Leaf

Do you know that if you.....
Catch a leaf in mid-air,
Make a wish, kiss it,
and toss it back into the wind...
Your wish will come true.

On Friday night in Atlanta, I caught a leaf in mid-air.
I made my wish, kissed it and tossed it back into the windy night.

Larry Laughed at me. He had never heard of this before.
He asked me what I wished for and I smiled.

Yesterday, while grand daughter Matilda was here,
guess who caught a leaf in mid-air?
Oh, yes she did!
She made a wish, kissed the leaf and threw it into the Texas sky.
I asked her what she wished for
she smiled at me.

Have you ever noticed that the simplest things in life,
can make the best impression on your heart?

Love you beyond the fall leaves.