Thursday, October 15, 2015

Libby Wants To Know

It is October 15th.
Where is our fall weather?
Colleen Coyle, Libby's favorite weather lady
on WFAA channel 8 in Dallas,
said that it is going to be 96 degrees today.
Colleen, Libby wants to know when
is it time to get her sweaters out?

Happy National PUG Day to sweet Libby Luna.
She is 14 years old, blind and deaf.
She manages just fine....and she is all mine.

Love you,


Sheri A said...

Dear Libby:

I am not a weather lady (though I could be, if they'd let pups be weather ladies!), but I just wanted to wish you some fall weather. We are having some light fall weather here where I live and I am loving it! Mommy is taking me on longer walks, so I get to meet more people and see my doggie friends!

Mommy is very happy that the hot & humid weather is over! She says spring and fall are her favorite seasons as she prefers sunny days with a cool breeze.

All our best to you and your mommy!

Missy the Shih Tzu