Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Matilda and Moon Pies

Last evening, Larry and I babysat.
Lauren & Josh had a meeting
We had the honor of babysitting Matilda.
It was so much fun.
I was watching her, thinking, that with her in our lives,
we will stay young for a long time!

We watched 2 movies. 
The first was SONG OF THE SEA.
Have you seen it?
It is beautiful. Matilda loves it.
Second movie: Pippy Longstocking.
It had been years since I saw that. It is so funny,
and Matilda sat mesmerized,
watching that silly movie.

I knit Matilda a poncho last week,
she tried it on with her nighty.

After her parents left, Larry and she shared a MOON-PIE.

Maybe all of that sugar was not good,
but Matilda is so much FUN!

It had rained all afternoon in North Texas.
Of course this amazing child must do what all children do.
She jumped in puddles.

Matilda is so beautiful, well mannered and happy.
I could spend every day with her.
We are blessed that Lauren & Josh share her with us.
We love her beyond the moon...

Today Larry is in East Texas all day.
I am working on the auction painting.
What a good day to work.

Happy middle of the week.
Love you.