Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Story Of Larry's Painting

Larry's painting is soon dry.
He loves it.

The Story Of Larry's Painting
In Paris two years ago, 
Larry saw a paining in a gallery on rue de Seine.
He loved it so much, that the next day he said:
I am going to the gallery today and ask how much the painting is.
I went with him and window shopped  as he went into the gallery.
When he came outside his face was sad.
48,000.00 Euro.
They were asking 48,000.00 Euro for the painting.
(that is a lot more in dollars)
It was then, I took a picture of the painting.

Through the thick glass of the gallery window I might add.
Now, two years later, here is Larry's painting.
Of course it is different.
Of course it is oil on canvas painted by me.
But he LOVES it!
He loves it and that makes me very happy.
Larry, love you beyond the moon.