Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Special ART of Missing Someone or Something

Every morning,
Larry calls me when he arrives at work.
Jami calls to "check" on me
Lauren will call with Matilda news or just to chatter about her day.
I might not hear from anyone else for the rest of the day,
but every morning, before the crazies start,
I hear from my family and all is well.

An artist friend on Instagram posted a photo today.
He and his wife are in Paris.
I told him to say hello to our apartment...
If you stand outside of the gold dome at Invalids, facing South,
 Stand in the area on the lower right in this photo.
Face South.

This is what you will see.
{minus my Larry of course}
The apartment building that he is pointing to, is ours.
There is a restaurant on the ground floor that is lovely
but a bit pricey.
We live in a small flat, floors up.
I am sure that I have posted this before
 but since I am crazy homesick today,
humor me, please?
The past few years I have been very ill while in Paris.
Being so tired, my mantra was:
If we see the dome, we are almost home!

Do you ever get that special feeling of missing something or someone?
Do you just give into the feeling and daydream?
Do you?
Love you.