Monday, March 2, 2015

Pie In The Sky

Happy March!
It is still winter in Texas.

The snow last week has turned into today's rain.
It has been beautiful.
Snowy days allow you to get out of your typical routine
do new things on a new schedule.

The Snowy Weekend

 Friday night,
 we drove through the ice and snow to Greenville Ave Pizza Company.
It had been on the menu all week 
on Friday evening, we did not let any weather
stop us from having some of our favorite pizza and wings for dinner.
It took hours to drive home but it was worth it.
{Molly & Sammy, you are the best!}

We had plans for dinner at a friends home on Saturday,
They had something come up,
so we stayed home and watched a movie.
{Kathy & Clay, we missed you!}

Sunday, dinner and movie was so much fun.
My cousin sent a new cookbook to me
 I tried the apple pie recipe.
It was perfection.

Then I got the baby-back ribs cooking...and potato salad made.

And our movie was:
The Music Man.
{I LOVE that Wells Fargo Wagon}

It was a wonderful weekend....
snow and all!
Love you.