Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hitching A Ride

Yesterday, I hitched a ride with Larry.
He was going to a meeting {in Grapevine, TX}
 and I went shopping.
We had the most wonderful time.

Each year, Larry and I send holiday, greeting cards from France.
This year, it is my turn to design the card and 
yesterday I found the missing element for 2015's card!
The prototype is well on its way to be complete.
It made me a bit homesick, so I hung over Paris pictures of 2014.
I don't think I ever shared this one.
It was taken after a very long afternoon and I was tired and sick.
My favorite part of the picture is the man on the far right.
He was trying to figure out what we were doing.
Seeing how I just dumped my purse on the ground, in the middle of Paris,
he must have thought that we were complete idiots.
It makes me laugh.

Do you know that I always have a polka dot dress in my closet?
{much to my daughters dismay}
Yesterday I found the fabric above.
Looks like its time to make an easy, spring dress.
The fabric was on sale, and the pattern 40% off.
A bargain.
This pattern is super easy and I cannot wait to make the dress.

It is freezing in Texas this morning.
Libby is snoring and looks adorable snuggled in her bed.

So much of our country is snowed in this week.
I watch the news with interest and dread.
To all of my friends in the North East,
please take care.
Snuggle in and know that someone very far away
is thinking about you.

This morning, when Larry was leaving and hugged me goodbye,
he said:
Thank you for coming with me yesterday. It was great.
Goodness. I love him.
Love you.