Friday, February 20, 2015

The Many Faces of Josh

Today is Josh's Birthday.
A son-in-law that is beyond perfection.
He takes good care of Lauren & Matilda.
It should not surprise me that his leadership and nurture,
 comes from a "core" place in him.
He has been a leader and nurturer all of his life.
I admire his father-ship skills.
All of the wonderful, little things that he does for Matilda
{painting her nails}
are gifts that she will have forever.

Our Josh is an important family member.
Sometimes it is not an easy job, but in the end, all is well.

Josh is our family chameleon.
Artist, chef, clown, code-master, husband, father, brother, son.
He does not wear his heart on his sleeve,
but I know from experience, when you need him, he is there.

Here are a few of his many faces.
Becoming a husband.

Father to a little chick.

Dancer...did you know that Josh could dance?

He is a brother {in law}.

He is an important person in our family.

I love their faces in this photo.
Lauren, Matilda & Josh.

Happy Birthday Dear Josh.
{look at that smile!}
May your day be filled with all things close to your heart.
We love you.


boxofcode said...

Thx, Robi. Not sure about perfection, but I appreciate the chameleon moniker. When I was young, I was told "wait til you grow up". When I became an adult, I heard "wait til you get a job". After getting a job, it was about "wait til you get married", then when married "wait til you have kids"... on and on and on. What all those people failed to realize was waiting on change is not only pointless but sets a bitter seed in our disposition. We are all granted the ability to define perception, and I have always loved my life (even the dark aspects of it).