Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life is Wonderful

Good Morning!
Good Tuesday steaming hot morning.
I am in a funk.
A 100 degree temperature funk.
It is almost to hot to do anything.
It is to hot to...
walk the dog
go to dinner with friends
What is it to hot for you to do?
It is time for a walk in the heat.
A steam bath and power walk at the same time.
It reminds me of early mornings in
Puerto Villarta,
Buena mañana mis amigos!
Wherever you are,
have a happy day.
Share your moments and smiles.
Life is wonderful.
Love you beyond the tacos.


Terence Grandfield said...

I can relate to your "dis-like" of the heat so much Robin. I find myself daydreaming of my walks last winter when it was 20 degrees out and enjoying it. Miss my walks with the Lily, it's just too hot to take that "fur bag" out for a fast walk.

Robin Tolbert said...

Terry, I remember the cold walks too! Just think when it is bitter cold out, we will remember these hot days....Lily is NOT a fur bag! LOL (At least Lily can walk. Libby the pug dislikes all form of exercise!)