Monday, August 1, 2011

The Red Cookbook

Happy first day of August!

Today will be 106 degrees,
I have the best hot day project planned.
Reorganizing my old family cookbook!
In 1980, Mother gave me this happy, red cookbook.
I have used it so much over the years,
but it needs replaced.
It has been the ideal book/file/and comfort book.
I also filed things within the pages.
Do you tear recipes out of magazines?
I am so guilty of that.
One of the first recipes was from my Aunt.
I still use this book and the family recipes.
I bought a big, recipe file book to replace
this charming, torn up cookbook.
{if you click on the above photo, you can read the recipes}
A perfect project on a hot August day.
Have a happy first day of August,
enjoy the moments of your day,
 be them still or busy.
Love you.