Thursday, April 15, 2010

Post 9/11 GI BILL Help

Dear Kind Reader.
    I am interrupting the regular blog today. The post will be one of a personal nature. (along with being posted here, this note has gone to all listed on the letter) Forgive this interruption as it is an important matter for Jami.
   Please enjoy today.....Love you. Me


President Obama,

Senator John Cornyn

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Congressman Sam Johnson,

Senator Florence Shapiro,

Representative Jodie Ludenberg,

WFAA Dallas,

My name is Robin Tolbert. I am writing as it seems my daughter needs help.

Jamison Louise Tolbert is my daughter. She was born in 1984. A good student, a wonderful daughter, she decided to join the Air Force before going to college . Jami was active duty from Jan 14th, 2003 to Jan 13, 2007. Jami was a medic and loved every day of duty.

Upon returning home, Jami missed the Air Force so much. She decided to enlist in the Texas Air National Guard and is still a member. After discovering out a bit about herself, Jami decided that Jan 2010 would be when she would start college. She is interested in becoming a Chaplin or perhaps even a Minister. Jami started school, Collin College this past January.

Prior to starting school in January, (in November 2009) Jami applied for the Post 9/11 GI Bill. As of this date, April 15th, 2010, Jami has not received any communication, funds and when she requests information from the Military financial advisor at the college, she is informed that her request is "pending". Jami has even visited the VA office in Waco trying to get information....but to no avail.

Jami's Father and I are using our nest egg to pay Jami's rent, tuition, books, while Jami does well with her classes, serves in the National Guard and waits tables at a local restaurant ( Love and War in Texas).

Is there anything that any one of you can do to help us? We are at our wits end, and Jami feels that she has been pushed aside by a government who she put her life on hold for while on active duty.

Our family has lived in this community since 1984. We are active in the community and church.....I think, that along with our church home, the one other thing we could count on is our government.

Thank you for listening to a distraught Mother.

Robin Tobert