Friday, April 16, 2010

Updates on a Friday Morning last.
I wanted to post an update,
pertaining to yesterdays blog.
Thank you, each of you who contacted me
with ideas, good wishes
or to just send a hug to Jami.
I always discover who my friends are
during certain times of my life.
Thank you .
Before 5:00pm, Congressman Sam Johnson's office called.
Lets hope that with a little help from him,
Jami can do what she has to do and not worry
about receiving Post 9/11 GI Funds.
Oh, yes.
Thank you Sam Johnson and your staff.
Now back to the mundane moments of everyday life.

I splurged and bought a new violet.
The colors are stunning and it has dozens of buds
tucked beneath its leaves yet to bloom.

*New favorite alert*
Little potato pancakes.
Fried in oodles of butter
and sprinkled with Kosher salt & pepper.
They are as much to make as they are to eat.

 Tonight I will have the pleasure
going to Elizabeth Kostova's lecture and reading
at the Dallas Museum of art.
Situated in the Horchow Auditorium,
it will be a wonderful evening.
Larry is in Houston today,
but will meet me at the museum.
Sounds like a date doesen't it?
Wonderful Friday.
lets not forget an outstanding Congressman.
Life can be so wonderful.
Love you.


Anne Gifford said...

I do hope Sam Johnson can help. He does care about the military.
Your date night sounds like fun! We have a date to the Allen Americans hockey game. We do love hockey.
Have fun on your date.