Monday, October 15, 2018

My Yoga Bag's Crazy Weekend

Photo: My Yoga Bag

This is my amazing yoga bag.
I am between classes right now,
so it is doubling as my overnight bag.
Larry and I went to San Antonio over the weekend.
My cousin Scott and his wife Mary were in town
from Philadelphia.
 We had a wonderful visit, that went to fast.
We drove my new car down,
and got a crack in the windshield.
On the way home to Dallas,
we passed bad storms that produced tornadoes.

We came home on Saturday because we were ushers at church yesterday.
After church,
while I prepared Sunday, dinner and a movie,
Larry swept the driveway off, of the leaves and pecans.
He was attacked by fire ants.
He has two bites in his mouth, at his lip.
{and many bites on his hands}
{lucky he has an appointment with our dentist this morning 

for a cavity. DR F can check his lip}
Larry did not complain, but he acted strange.
Fire ants are dangerous.
Sunday Dinner and Movie
We had steak, potatoes and green beans for dinner.
Dessert was  home-made Italian Cream Cake.
Our movie was:

Photo: our Sunday movie. Now I want to go to Verona, Italy

My car is at the AUTO Glass shop......
laundry is swirling,
it is still raining
Larry is off to the dentist at noon.
Happy Monday.
Love you.

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