Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Chasing Away The Blues

It is still raining in Texas.
Five inches of rain has fallen.
It makes me blue. BLUE
I have a medium size canvas prepped
 but the lighting is so bad in the studio, I cannot paint.
But...I do have a new painting started.
{in fact 2 new paintings}

I worked on Christmas Gifts.
I knitted and watched a movie called,
Message In A Bottle.
Photo: Knitting hats and watching movies

Christmas gifts are getting finished!

This morning we woke to a phone call.
Matilda called us at 6:55 wanting to video chat.
I did go comb my hair,
then we chatted.
{ she wanted to show us her dog Ellie}

That Granddaughter of ours
certainly can make a day happy.

Photo: Matilda painted us a pumpkin.
Matilda called me on Sunday and asked:
Robi, if I painted you a pumpkin,
what would you like on it?
I said: A spider please!
She painted a spider on a pumpkin for us!
I love her so very much.

Photo: Matilda gave us each our own dish towel.
I think she loves us too.

May your day be filled with special moments 
lots of love.

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