Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It Is That Time...

It is the 31st of October.
Halloween for sure 
time for my annual sabbatical.

For every 11 months blogging,
I take one month off.

Each morning I make time to sit at my desk,
think about yesterday.
I may not blog about it, but often do.
It puts my day in perspective.

Saying good bye today,
 with the realization that for the next 30 days 
I will not be blogging...
is difficult.

Out of all my habits,
blogging is my favorite.

She flew fast and strong.
Looking for the lights and colors
to inspire her her heart and ART.

Isn't life amazing?
Just when you  figure things out,
it changes.
The secret is:
Never stop trying.
Even when you think that you have things figured out,
there is always more to discover!

Love you beyond the moon.


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