Tuesday, October 30, 2018

One Hundred Bags Of Cheese Balls

This past Sunday, we went to the country 
to trick or treat with our granddaughter Matilda.
Larry and I made
100 bags of cheese balls to take with us.
 It took 5 jugs of UTZ's cheese balls
to fill 100 bags.
Interesting TRIVIA, yes?

Then we went to enjoy a country
Trick or Treats.
Matilda was a Tootsie Roll this year!

 I was a Boston Terrier.  Here I am with Matilda.

Larry always goes as himself. 
Matilda likes that best of all.

Here is Matilda's loot.
This is so funny because she does  not eat much candy.
Have a wonderful Halloween tomorrow.
Enjoy the special, creative moments
of the fun day.

Love you beyond 100 bags of cheese balls.

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