Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shells Collected In The Dark

I had a huge, annual, oncology appointment.
It still gives me pause to worry,
even though I am 4 years cancer free.

During the past few years,
I found my mantra 
the visual spot in my mind,
where life stops 
I can focus on my breathing.
This is Niihau.
The history and life on the island
intrigues me deeply.
It is an island off the South shore of Kauai.
The mystery surrounding the island
is historic.
It is the place I go to at quiet times.

The people who live there make jewelry out of shells.
Shells collected at dark,
or under the moon
so that the karma is good and true.

One day I will visit Niihau.
But not today.
It is Wednesday.
Larry has meetings all day
and I have errands to do.
I might have time for quiet moments
daydream about Niihau.

Love you on this busy day.


Dot Lee said...

Glad to get your blog again. It was missed. We all have our special places. Mine is waterfalls in secluded forests