Thursday, September 22, 2016

For Today

This morning,
I talked to both of my daughters
before 7:30 am.
{I loved it}

Jamison is in wedding mode
Lauren is in the support the bride mode.
Have I mentioned how much I love them?

This is my favorite photo from Lauren's wedding.

This is my favorite photo of Jami and Jared so far.

I wonder what good thing I did to deserve such daughters.
Life keeps changing
along with the changes, comes
special moments and much love.

I have a tickled, content, feeling in my heart.
Thank you for today God.
Love you,


Rita Leach said...

Hi Robin, your daughters are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photos. Are Jamie's wedding plans complete to the last detail? It's nice to relax a bit before the big day. Is Mathilda in the wedding party? Please give our love to Larry. We miss you and hope to get together after our trip to California. We will be there for the month of October. Rick and Rolando will house-sit while we're away.

Love and hugs,
Rita & Cliff