Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Philadelphia Trip

After breakfast at the INN,
we got in  the car and headed for Pottsville, PA.
Pottsville is a town almost 2 hours from the INN,
and in the mountains.
On the way North...Larry drove through his first covered bridge.
He was in awe of this quaint, picturesque, moment.
{so was I}
 He sighed after we drove through.

Our day trip was to the YUENGLING beer plant!
I was so excited.
If you know me at all, Yuengling Beer and Champagne are 
#1 and #2 on my "drink list".
And....we were taking the plant tour!

I had on sandals. 
The ladies at the plant said I had to  be safe...
they sold me the $5.00 beauties on the left.
I did not mind to much.
I was at the Yuengling beer plant!

The tour was 45 min and fun. 

 Many years ago, they kept the beer in barrels for 1 month in caves.
Like the French do with wine.
The caves were chiseled out of the mountain
 by hand in the early 1800's.

 The process is more modern now.

 Guess what these are?

 The buildings are classic.
I loved how they "felt"
how old the bricks were.

 The plant is very modern now.
The beer is on an automated belt for packaging.

Only a few people work in the plant,
because it is well automated.

This neon sign is in the tasting room.
Oh YES! The tasting room!

 During this tour, I met the nicest Lady.
Her name is Patti and she and her husband were on their honeymoon.
We discovered that our families had  lived on the same street
in Pottsville, back in the day.

My 3 great grandfather Hugh, lived in Pottsville.
I have been to the site of the family house high on a hill.
Tomorrow, I will tell you about him.

Today, I have an awful cold and feel like "sheet"...
  love re-living these moments of my weekend.
It was wonderful.

Love you,