Monday, June 6, 2016

Slow Motion Monday

I have just returned home from a weekend away.
It was somewhat of a surprise for me, from Larry.
A long weekend in Philadelphia.
I have so much to share...
today I woke up with a sore throat and cold.
so I will continue the "TRIP" story as the week goes on.
{I have the "cold" symptoms where it feels like everything 
I do is in slow motion. Gross}

we flew to Philadelphia on Wednesday night.
I drank this entire bottle of Pepto.
I was sick with tummy troubles.
Guess that cold was starting even then.
 This blasted bottle was $4.00!

Being in Philadelphia takes my breath away.

Larry and I went to a Tavern for a late dinner.
Why not?
I had all of that Pepto in my system.
The Yuengling  on draft was superb.

We stay at the 
Pineapple Hill B & B
It is our favorite place to stay in the area. It is in New Hope, PA
Above is the garden as it welcomed us on Wednesday night.

This is the front of Pineapple Hill Inn.
Although I loved it painted like this...
It is now painted white and has black shutters and is charming.

We found our key and walked through the Breakfast Room.
This is where amazing food is served each morning.

I was so tired and went right to bed.
We always stay in the same room at the Inn.
I sleep so well there and love it very much.
{can you tell? Wink}

The next morning, Thursday, we had a day trip planned.
At Pineapple hill, you go down to breakfast first.

The owners, Roy & Scott treat us like treasured guests.
My Earl Gray is always served in this beautiful pot.

Starting the day in this way, always makes me feel special.

It is time to get busy around the cottage now that I am home.
Have a perfect day.
Love you.