Wednesday, June 8, 2016

After The Beer Tour

In Pottsville, we parked about a block away
from the beer plant.
Our rental car stood in front of this home...
I have fallen in love with this vintage gem.
Larry laughed at me and said:
Imagine how many miles your FitBit can get in 
just walking up and down the stairs every day.
 I am still in love with this house.

After the beer tour, we took a flag to my Grandfather Hugh.
My 3 Great Grandfather Hugh is buried in this cemetery.
It is a beautiful resting place, high on a hill.

Larry took me to WAWA for a diet coke and everything pretzel.

We returned to the Inn...and the hibiscus plants
were glowing in the afternoon sun.
When I took this picture, it did not have the aura
in the upper left of the picture.
Perhaps it was Grand Father Hugh?

Then we went to dinner.
It was a quiet place along the New Hope Ivyland RR line.
We had a cheese plate and the creations were lovely.

I will continue tomorrow,
but for now, I must scoot.

Today is the first day of Camp Robi.

Happy Wednesday!
Love you.