Thursday, June 9, 2016

Friday In Philly 2016

Maryanne's is my favorite place to buy "sticky buns" in Philly.
In Doylestown to be exact.
Sooo, last week on Friday in Philly,
we bought sticky buns.
It is tradition.

We drove to Collegeville, Pa.
It is also tradition that we take flags to my Uncle Bruce's grave site
eat breakfast there.

The buns were fabulous and I ate like a pig.

Here is where my dear, wonderful, Uncle Bruce rests.
He stood by me when I was alone.
He means so much to me.
I will never, never do to anyone, 
what my family members did to me.
But then, if my family had not left me, 
Bruce would never have entered my life.
Bruce was
Logic, Loyalty & Love.
He will be part of my life forever.

We returned to the Inn...
and I took a long nap after reading.
Then we drove to New Hope.
Parked the car and walked.

We walked from NJ to PA, 
crossing the beautiful Delaware River on a quaint bridge
The swan, only one, was beautiful.
I wonder where it's mate was?

I saw this oil painting in a coffee shop.
We went in to buy it for Lauren's "yellow" wall,
but the girl working there informed us with a smile,
that SHE bought it just moments before.
I loved that painting. 
So did she.

We had reservations at Brian's in Lambertville, NJ.

Dinner was lovely.
I mean REALLY lovely.

Brian's has a pre-fix menu.

I got the lamb. It was perfection.
It was the best birthday trip ever....
Wait till you hear about our Saturday! 

Yesterday was 1st week of Camp Robi.
My camper, 4 year old Matilda was awesome
a good sport.
It was Photography Day,
after she completed her assignments,
at lunch,
she received her
photography patch!
We did lots of things along with her assignments.
memorizing a poem...
The morning went fast.
8 more weeks to go!

Have a happy day...pretend that you are at camp!
Love you.