Friday, June 10, 2016

Lots and Lots

Our last day of 
Philly Weekend, was another treasure.
 Saturday, Larry and I drove to Easton, PA
where we attended a service at Trinity Episcopal Church.
It was a very special, Saturday service.

I must place a disclaimer here:
was written at the end of the program listing.
We did not read it till the end of the service.
Larry and I are both guilty. Sorry.

This church is beautiful.
There was a hub-bub of preparation.
Dale Grandfield {my cousin} was being ordained.
No one knew that we were coming.
All of my favorite cousins in one spot,
on this special day.
We surprised them.
There were lots of hugs. I love this family!

We did not want to intrude on this special day,
but wanted to be there in person.
Sitting, quietly in this church, this day, made my heart sing.

Father Gerns gave a stunning sermon.
It was personal and poignant.
Larry and I had the pleasure
 meeting FR Gerns after the service.
I wish that we lived closer to his church.

Even though this picture is blurry,
it is my favorite of all.
Here is my cousin Dale, during communion.
Larry and I took communion on this special day.

 Congratulations and love to you.
Your example in our lives is valued and respected.
Be happy always.
We love you.

After the amazing day...Larry and I grabbed a bottle of MY 
favorite wine, bought 2 hoagies and had a picnic.
We  toasted the cousins we saw and hugged..
and then we pigged out.
The picnic was in the back garden of the Inn.

After we came home and got the hard copy of these pictures back,
I saw this one with a heart on the flagstone.
Larry told me that he did that during our picnic.
This one shot sums up the entire week end in Philadelphia.
Lots and lots of love.

Love you,