Monday, June 13, 2016

The Best Birthday Weekend

I had the absolute best birthday weekend!
On Friday night,
 Larry took me to Pocket Sandwich Theater.
We had dinner and saw the play, Moon Over Buffalo.

On Saturday,
the family met at, The Komen Race For The Cure
in Plano.
My awesome, wonderful family.
Team Believe
They support me no matter what.
Josh, Matilda and Lauren, wait for the race to start.

This is the BEST reason for Team Believe to exist.

This picture makes me smile.

gave a Plano Police Officer a hug during our 5K.
The officer was such a good sport.

What happens at the Komen Race, stays at the komen race.
I wonder what these 3 are hiding.

 Sunday morning Jamison came over with the puppies.
We visited and she had a bag of gifts for me.
It was so nice seeing her and visiting.
Her Birthday is next!

Sunday dinner was made by Josh and Larry.
Josh grilled a brisket & made potato salad.
It was amazing.

Larry made a Jalapeno Cheese ball for me!
I loved it.

Thank you everyone.
Thank you for donations for Komen in my name.
Thank you for birthday gifts and wishes
most of all, thank you for being such an important part of my life.

So many of you are good friends to My Larry and me.
I adore your support.
I adore how you check on me 
if ze blog might say something off-color.

As I sit here, watching the drizzle hit the sasta daisys 
out on the deck,
I find myself quite sentimental
 my cup runneth over.

Love you,