Monday, May 9, 2016

An Awesome Mother's Day

The weekend started on Friday night.
Larry and I met our dear friend Karen for dinner.
She was in town from Atlanta.
Goodness this lady is wonderful.
She has a smile that reminds you that everything is OK
a laugh that is so genuine it makes you smile!
Thank for meeting us Karen, during your busy weekend.
Love you.

On Saturday!
I met Rosemary Grossman.
Larry calls her: The best friend Robin has never met.
It is true.
Rosemary and I have known each other for many years
we had never met, until this past Saturday.
Mothers Day Saturday!
They came up from Austin, TX
we drove down, meeting in Waco.
It was a joy meeting Rosemary in person.
Now that she and I spent a couple of hours
chatting face to face....her spirit is part of my life.
David (NTG-a private joke} is Rosemary's husband
Whitney, her daughter had lunch with Larry and myself.
It was a joy to meet Rosemary and her wonderful family.
The afternoon sped by and we still have things to talk about.
Till Next time!

Sunday, Mother's Day.
Larry ordered the cake, made a cheese plate
chilled the champagne
made me smile all day long.
Everyone came over
and we had a wonderful time.
{Visiting and eating. A perfect combination}
I had looked forward to the weekend for awhile
it just zipped by.
Now, it is Monday morning, 
I am doing laundry and begging Libby to eat her Pug Dinner.

Thank you everyone for making this past weekend
I hope that everyone had a good weekend
felt the LOVE...
Love you!