Friday, April 22, 2016

Just Because Gifts

Today, as I prepare t shirts and the auction painting
for the Komen Race For The Cure,
I find myself reflecting in what breast cancer 
has done for me.
It has made me humble.
It has made me proactive about my health.
I have met wonderful people.
My outlook on life has changed.
I do not like wasting time.
I find myself hesitating to create.
{is that because I look at my art as living long after me?}
I am sympathetic to others going through illnesses.

There have been so many life changing revelations.

My prayer is,
that God sustain me and remind me daily
that people in my life are silently struggling.
Give me strength to accept your will.

This is my favorite hymn....please listen to the words.
Being kind and generous  to someone, anyone,
"just because" is a gift we can give daily.
I think that is my favorite gift to give.
The just because gift.
Love You.