Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bowls, Mugs and Stars, Oh My!

This week felt like an extended holiday.
Gifts arrived in the mail all week long.
{NOTE: This post is NOT a thank you to the senders}

This beautiful blue/green bowl was from Karen.
Thank you!
We love this.
I will be keeping apples in it.

Dear, wonderful Aggie sent me a MUM mug.
{Thank you Aggie. Love you}
I am a fan of Emma Bridgewater.
I adore the MUM mug and was thrilled when I opened the box.
How thoughtful was this gift?
I am in awe.

Yesterday, a box arrived for me.
What? Again?
For special celebrations, Larry and I will buy each other a "Star."
These stars are made by one of my favorite glass ARTists.
The star on the far right, is our newest addition.
I love it.
I love My Larry for ordering it for us.

Love you beyond the stars.