Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Matters Most

I took this picture one afternoon in France.
It is hard to believe that My Larry had his birthday yesterday.
His birthday celebration was perfection.

I made him his favorite jalapeno cheese ball.

We had lots and lots of Champagne.

Champagne and Jami.

Matilda made cards for all of us.

This is her birthday card to Larry.

I cannot understand why people do not like birthdays.
It is a very special day
and we each have one.

A lot is happening in our world.
Isn't it easy to become distracted 

I am focusing on the positive.
{even though I have no interest in decorating the house this year 
 Larry is angry about that.
 He said that it was disturbing, but he will get over it.
Haha, that makes me smile}
Matilda is excited,
We are all healthy and happy.
Isn't that what matters most?

Sooooo. I am finally over jet lag.
There are no more excuses not to exercise.
Where is my FITBIT?
Love you.