Monday, October 12, 2015

To Be Alive

Happy Monday.
Larry and I are home,
after a lovely weekend in Atlanta.
Our sweet friends, Karen and John's daughter was married.
The wedding was absolute perfection
the entire weekend was one of graciousness
Southern charm.

Friday night, Larry and I found ourselves alone 
on the patio of the Georgian Terrace Hotel
in downtown Atlanta.
We looked across the street to the FOX Theater
where Jersey Boys was playing.
{I could almost hear "Oh What A Night"...
The night was warm 
were happy to be away for the weekend.
 As we sat and talked 
we shared a bottle of wine,
a cheese plate
and a steamed pudding.
The night wore on and it was time to go up to the room...
Guess who we saw on the elevator?
The bride.

More about the weekend later,

Matilda has come to play with me this morning.
{When Matilda comes over, it is always the best day}
Have a happy day....
isn't it a wonderful day to be alive,{and in love}
Love you.