Friday, October 23, 2015


It started yesterday.
The Glooming.
Inches of rain soaking the garden.
{but soon, I can have a fire in the fire pit, 
since the burn bans are over}
It has been so gloomy, that I want to scream.
I kept busy by working on 
Matilda's Christmas stocking.
No, it isn't finished yet
but I work on it every day.
God is teaching me patience with this project.
It is beautiful,
it is for someone I love,
it is an ART form that I know,
it will be simply charming when finished
I dislike the process very much.

Into the glooming I go.
Needlepoint project in hand,
3 weeks to finish.
I will be positive and patient.
I have been gifted with this amazing life
no aspect of it will be wasted.
 Happy weekend!
Love you for your patience.