Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Red Camera

Last year, August 2014, my trusted 
point and shoot camera had a bad experience.
It happened on this catamaran off the shore of the Napali coast.
The details are personal.
{because it was rather mortifying}
I promise alcohol was not involved,
nor, any of our friends.
But the sweet camera, finally died two weeks ago.

Yesterday a box arrived for me.
Larry opened it and handed over a brand new camera.
It is the EXACT model as my last one
except it is red.
I love it.
I already know how to use it.
It has Wi-Fi.
It will be my companion on new adventures.

This morning, 
after I registered it and hooked it up with my laptop,
I took one picture.

Welcome to the Adventures of The Red Camera.
"Watercolors are like life.
 Better get it right the first time – you don't get a second chance"

Do you have a red camera in your life?
Love you,