Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 5~ The Paris Pictures {the screen saver challenge}

Libby and I slept in a bit this morning.
When I turned on the lap top, this was the days photo.
It is one of the closest metro stations to our flat in Paris.
It is only busy on the weekends 
 when the kids get out of school in the afternoon.
But mostly, they hang around the entrance smoking.
I used to think it was so cool 
walking past teens that had a certain sophistication,
while they were smoking.
I guess that is when I was a smoker too.
In Paris, the kids are still smoking,
but I quit.
June 26, 1995.
Twenty years ago!
I do not miss it.
I take that back, sometimes I miss it when I walk past
the kids in Paris.
BUT not enough to ever have another cigarette ever again.
Love you,