Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day Four~ Paris Pictures {the screen saver challenge}

Today's screen saver:
Me, holding a banana Nutella Crepe
with My Larry in the background.
What this photo does not tell you is,
it was our first night in Paris 
and per tradition,
we had gone to the Cathedral of Notre Dame 
for prayers.
Each year we have a list of friends wishing for prayer.
Larry and I light candles and pray for those who have asked us to.

Last year I was really sick.
So, after prayers we went across the street to this sweet outdoor cafe
to rest and have a snack.
{Crepes and Fanta Orange}
Can you see Notre Dame at the far right of the photo?
While I was sitting there, looking at that amazing church,
I said one more prayer.
I asked God, if I was ever going to feel better again,
adding that if the answer was no, please give me strength to
accept His will.
Then out of nowhere, I said the Lords Prayer.
I had taught 3rd grade Sunday school for many years,
The Lords Prayer was always an important part of the class,
but personally, I had not recited it for a long time.

Here is the view while I said my prayer.
A day has not gone by, 
without saying the Lords Prayer at least once.
 Life is so very wonderful.
I love you,