Monday, September 28, 2015

A Monday At Home.

 Dare I say it?
{don't tell Larry}
I am so happy to be HOME!
I feel like I have been gone for months.
{instead of a week}
 I woke late this morning, came into the kitchen,
opened the patio door and let Autumn float into the house.
Long morning shadows and cool air
make me want to plan a  Halloween party
invite our neighbors over tonight, 
to sit by the fire pit and sip wine.

Sweet Libby ate all of her dinner this morning.
As I am posting this note,
she is over at her bowl, 
licking the aromas that are clinging to the sides.
Silly Pug Dog.

I am not going to walk this morning.
But...I need to go to the ART supply store and Costco.
Aren't Mondays fun?
Love you.