Monday, August 31, 2015

One Moment

We are home.
It was an amazing week of hiking, swimming and love.
Our 38th anniversary was a special day.
It started with a 4 mile walk along the South Shore of Kaua'i
We hiked and talked and laughed.
I cannot imagine spending a day like that 
with anyone but My Larry.

Our time away was filled with "moments"
I will share them with you this week.
{one particularity gruesome moment. Sad face}

For today, I would like to enjoy the beginning of a brand new week.
A brand new week.
{the beginning of my 39th year with Larry!}

Thank you dear friends for your support over the past few weeks.
Your cards and notes have given me 
smiles and comfort.
Larry and I love you all.

It is a Happy Monday
and for some reason all I can think of is that old 
Carol King song: Home Again.
It has almost nothing to do with how I am feeling
but the tune will not leave my head.

Love you.