Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mirror, Mirror

It was almost midnight Saturday night.
The broken air conditioner had been of off for hours
the Texas night was still very warm.

Larry was very still. 
I could not find a comfortable spot.
Libby {was on the bed} panted for hours.
We had a fan going, but it was still warm.

Then I heard a huge crash.
Larry jumped out of bed, running to the front of the house.
I stayed in the back of the house,
and found what made the noise.
It was the mirror,
 that has hung in the girls bathroom for 25 years,
that came crashing down.

 When it came down, it made a hole in the wall.
What a mess.
It was a thick old mirror.
Larry shooed me off to bed and cleaned up all of the shards.

The air conditioner is fixed now.
There is a new mirror in the bathroom
for the life of me, this still gives me the creeps.

Love you.