Monday, May 11, 2015

I Felt Blessed

A month ago,
My Larry and I watched a documentary about Spencer Tracy.
It was narrated by Katherine Hepburn.
While we watched, we realized that there are many Spencer Tracy
movies that we have not seen and we LOVE him!
We decided to watch Mr Tracy on Sunday's for awhile.

Yesterday, because it was Mother's Day
I got to pick the movie.
I remember watching this movie with my Mother
and talking about the amazing philodendron plant in
Katherine Hepburn's office.
Larry had never seen the movie before.

I cooked dinner.
Rib eye steaks, baked potatoes, salad and rolls.
Dessert was chocolate pie.
Wine: Freakshow {don't laugh. It was very good}
Most of my photos are dark
the weather yesterday was rainy and stormy.
There were tornadoes and flooding.
I felt cozy and blessed to be in my little cottage.
I felt blessed to receive so many kind messages from friends.
My daughters made me feel loved
Larry. Oh, My Larry.
How can one man be so wonderful?

Mother's Day 2015.
Lets just call it a success.
Love you.

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