Tuesday, May 12, 2015


There are about 100 cookbooks on my shelves.
They are so much fun to hang over while
planning dinner parties and Sunday dinners.

This week end, I needed to find a recipe on my menu list.
I opened the cookbook to where the bookmark was.

For my cookbooks, 
bookmarks are special photos.
They mark recipes to try, old favorites and dinner party menus.
This weekend, I made a Sweetheart Chocolate pie.
Look who I found there.
Harper! My favorite cousin's adorable baby girl.
{in the sweater I knit for her}
You can be sure, finding Harper at the
Sweetheart Chocolate Pie made me grin.

Please save your old photos!
{the ones in Christmas cards are so much fun as cookbook bookmarks}
Photos shared are a gift.
Love you.