Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gnomes and Roses~The Uneventful Day

On this date, in 1494,
Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Jamaica.
He named it Santa Gloria.
Jamaica is beautiful. 

Larry is out of town for a few days.
{no, not Jamaica. I bet he wishes it was Jamaica!}
I was looking forward to this time alone.
{to get a few projects finished}
It seems everyone is so edgy.
Lauren's car is acting up.
Jamison is studying for her masters degree test
to be taken tomorrow
Larry is away working, in Temple Texas.

It is windy outside and storms are on their way.
Libby and I spent an hour outside.
It is overcast and beautiful.
I can hear wind-chimes ringing from far away.
The roses are happy...
and they will love the rain that is coming.

This beautiful rose is loaded with buds and thorns.
The photograph does not do the color justice.
I love this rose-bush.

Garfield the Gnome is decked out in pink today.
This sweet rose has the weakest stems.
It blooms so well, but the thin stems make the blooms droop.

Tonight, I think that I will have tuna fish for dinner.
The plan is to eat out in the gazebo and read.
This idea might work if the rain is not to bad.

I hope wherever you are,
that you are happy and enjoying the moments.
Love you.