Monday, May 4, 2015

Onward Monday

I knew that the weekend was going to be crazy,
but wow.
It was perfection.
On Friday evening,
Larry and I drove to the Casino in Oklahoma.
We had tickets for a concert.
Jeff Beck and ZZ Top.
{be still my beating heart}
Our VIP tickets got us into the Jeff Beck sound check,
that was more like a mini concert.
We had to wear special badges.
After the sound check, dinner!
We ate at Toby Keith's restaurant.
{ We love you Toby. Thank you for everything}
My dinner consisted of 
THE bologna sandwich and a Stella.
Maybe two Stellas. 
OK it was two Stellas.
 After dinner, I lost $5.00 on the slots. 
I just was not feeling it. 
I was to excited to see ZZ Top.
We finished dinner and betting late, 
but made the concert in time to see Jeff start his set.
I am so sorry about picture quality.
Everything was shot by my phone.
Jeff Beck was stunning. I could listen to him all night.

Lets be honest.
We know who my favorites are.
I loved every second of the concert.
Around 11:00, they brought Jeff Beck out for the encore.
It was heaven.
On Saturday, the men delivered my new clothes dryer.
Laundry! Monday Laundry is being done as I type!
Life as I know it has returned to normal!

On Saturday evening, we went to the Gunter Parks Fund Raiser.
The Red Cross was there, and Larry donated double reds.
He usually passes out three days after giving.
It should be interesting at his work today.

THEN we watched BOXNG!
 Mayweather beat the snot out of Pacquiao.
I won our bet. 
It was not an exciting bout, but fun to watch quality boxing again.

On Sunday, I slept in.
tried out that wonderful, new clothes dryer
and then
went to a restaurant that a friend just opened.
I ate to much food this weekend.
Hello Diet!

The weekend was fun, filled with happy moments...
oh, one thing.
A friend of mine is having an MRI today.
"R" hopes that this will help the Dr's discover what is wrong.
Please remember "R" with special thoughts or prayer?
She is a wonderful friend.
 Ok...time to fill up that new dryer!
Onward Monday!
Love you.